Breast Augmentation in London

BREAST AUGMENTATION (breast enlargement)
Increasingly popular in the UK and across the world, breast enlargement surgery is the easiest way to permanently enlarge breast volume and achieve a fuller shape.

A personalised approach
Breasts should be thought of as ‘sisters’ and not ‘twins’. Every woman has her own unique breast shape, skin and tissue features. This is why many different sizes and shapes of implants are now available. Dr Rochira has extensive experience in all breast augmentation surgery (cosmetic, reconstructive and also non-implant based) and he will discuss with you the best option for you.

Implant options and information
Although round shaped implants are the most popular in UK, anatomical shaped ‘natural shape’ implants are also available. Dr Rochira is highly experienced in all implant options. Anatomical implants fill the upper portion of the breast more than round ones. Round implants will tend to settle lower than the anatomical ones. In many cases, the anatomical shape will achieve the most natural result.
Dr Rochira will work to allow you test out and model a variety of different options to enable you to visualise the very options based on your own unique body shape.

Ultrasound specialist
Dr Rochira is highly specialised in breast ultrasound for oncologic and cosmetic purposes. This special knowledge and skill make him the most suitable medial professional to talk to, even if you have had previous augmentation.

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Natural crease underneath the breast


Day case or 1 night stay


1 hour


2 Weeks