A highly experienced and well-informed patient co-ordinator will contact you first by phone and provide you with some general background information on the clinic, the consultation, hospital and explain the general surgical process to you..

At this point the co-ordinator will then provide you with some suitable consultation dates for you to meet with Mr Rochira at his clinic at 10 Harley Street, London.

Your co-ordinator will be constantly in touch with you during your journey to the surgery.


You will receive a confirmation phone call two days in advance of your scheduled appointment date with Mr Rochira and you will then meeting with Mr Rochira for your consultation. This will typically last for around 45 minutes.

Patients greatly benefit from a personal and individual service and you will find that Mr Rochira goes to great lengths to ensure that every patient has the chance to ask lots of questions and feel fully informed throughout the entire consultation process. Mr Rochira’s aim is to ensure that no patient question or concern goes unanswered.

48 hours after your consultation with Mr Rochira, your patient co-ordinator will then be in touch with you to summarise your consultation and treatment options and provide you with a personalised quotation.

We will then email or post you a patient guide or most relevant treatment guide. This guide will explain the procedure in more detail and provide you with more detail on any risks and inform you of potential complications. We strongly recommend that you read the guide before meeting with the surgeon.