Inverted Nipple in London

Inverted Nipple in London


Inverted nipples are a relatively common problem and can cause a significant amout of anxiety and distress. Correction may be achieved with surgery.  This is an operation with a high satisfaction rate and can have major effect on patient well-being.

A variety of surgical techniques may be employed most of which involve cutting the milk ducts. Usually two incisions are made at the base of the nipple. The ducts cut and then the nipple everted and suspended into position. The whole procedure is performed under a local anaesthetic.

The inverted nipples can be corrected which can have a significant effect on well-being. Unfortunately recurrence can occur though, although rare.

Complications of Surgery

Unfortunately complications can occur following any surgery and patients need to be fully aware of this. Mr Rochira does his utmost to minimise the complication rate and likes to practise in a safe manner. The commonest complications are, hypertrophic scars, bleeding, infection, nipple necrosis, inability to breast feed, asymmetry in the healing and outcome, alteration in nipple sensation and recurrence.


Following surgery, a protective sponge dressing remains in for 1 week. The stitches around the nipple are dissolvable or removed after 2 weeks.

It is important to take things easy for a week or so and it is recommended that you refrain from excericise until the sutures are removed. Otherwise recovery is rapid and patients usually experience few problems.

Incision: invisible in the nipple

Lenght of stay: day case

Theatre time: 30 minutes

Recovery: 3-5 days